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About West Platte Education Foundation

West Platte Education Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to providing resources to the students, teachers, and staff of the West Platte School District, in order to promote the highest standards of educational excellence and achievement. Our foundation goes beyond what the district can provide, and we strive to ensure that every member of the school community has access to the tools and support they need to succeed. We believe that education is the key to creating a better future, and we are dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of our students.

Why A Foundation?

The West Platte School District is financially secure and can fully fund its mission to provide a quality education within excellent facilities. But district funds cannot be used for some initiatives that can make a qualitative difference in academic excellence for West Platte students. The West Platte Education Foundation fills this gap by awarding scholarships to outgoing seniors, by funding creative “outside the box” initiatives by classroom teachers, by providing financial assistance and school supplies to students in need, and in many other ways. For some students, support from the West Platte Education Foundation can make the difference between a good education and a superior academic experience.

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Our Goals

Provide resources to support educational excellence

Encourage community involvement and support

Help students achieve their full potential


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The following are some things the Membership Committee does for the Foundation:

  • Contact prospective members by phone or email to invite them to join the West Platte Education Foundation.

  • Contact members prior to cancellation and encourage them to renew.

  • Greet and introduce new members and prospective members at the gala or breakfast.

  • Staff membership tables at school events.

  • Plan and implement an annual member-get-a-member campaign

  • Develop/Revise Annual Membership Recruitment and Retention Plan

  • Establish and implement goals of membership recruitment and retention plan.

  • Determine and respond to members' needs

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The Purpose of the Resource Development Committee is to continually develop and identify resources and relationships with corporate and other partners for potential growth and development.

Under the direction of the Committee Chair, this committee will develop and maintain a database of possible corporate affiliate members, determine the appropriate avenues for involvement with industry, develop a systematic approach to soliciting support from industry, further develop and maintain the corporate member program, approach industry to support specific projects, solicit financial support for Annual Meeting activities and expenses, compile database of potential grant opportunities for the calendar year and advise the board of same for their consideration, and explore ways to partner/collaborate with professional organizations.

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The Scholarship Committee is made up of faculty and community people who review each of the scholarship applications. The selection committees for all scholarship funds at the Education Foundation are appointed by the Foundation. The committee will select recipients based on information submitted by the applicant. Some scholarship funds have specific eligibility requirements established by the donor, such as enrollment in a particular field of study. Committees make their selections and the recipients are notified at the Awards Ceremony in May.

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Teacher Grant:

The West Platte Education Foundation awards funds to West Platte teachers for creative and innovative opportunities for their students. Teachers apply for the Fund for Excellence grants, which are reviewed by a committee of Foundation Board members, teachers, and administrators. These grants encourage innovative “outside the box” educational experiences.

SOS Grant:

Gifts to S.O.S. (Support our Students) help students who may be from families who struggle financially. The donations are used to purchase appropriate school supplies for these students. The S.O.S. funds are used for students in all grades. The Foundation works closely with the school counselors and district representatives to make sure the funds get distributed to students who need assistance.

Exceptional Learning Grant:

These student grants are designed to support West Platte School District students who have demonstrated academic ability and perseverance in their continuing educational pursuits. The grants are open to all grade levels. The grants may be used for offsetting tuition/fees at a large variety of special campus or other learning events. Examples would include camps for music, science, fine arts, geography, etc.

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